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See The Sights of Northern Ireland In Unparalleled Luxury

Exclusive NI Tours new fleet of Range Rovers and XJ Jaguars is offering visitors tours and chauffeur services that transport them in the lap of luxury and deliver special bespoke experiences.

Owner, Trevor Patterson believes that personal service and luxury cars are what makes his company appeal to those who want to see the best of Northern Ireland in style.

“The cars are high-end and that is part of where we set the standard by providing a top quality service,” he explained. “It’s not just like taking a taxi to the Giant’s Causeway for a quick look round or a stop to grab pictures at the Dark Hedges. We provide much more than that.”

Exclusive NI Tours offer a range of bespoke chauffeur driven tour itineraries to locations such as the Causeway Coastal Route featuring the Antrim Glens, the Mountains of Mourne, Derry / Londonderry through to Donegal and Belfast.

Those who want something tailored for their own needs can be accommodated, as can those who want to explore their family roots with genealogy trips available. Chauffeured transfers are offered to and from the airport with the option for guests to take in some sights along the way. Equally, for those guests who are on a tight schedule, direct transfers can be offered,

With 10 years-experience in delivering high level driving services, Trevor has been able to tailor the Exclusive NI Tours experience to customers with high expectations.

“While we operate at a very professional level, we offer relaxed tours,” he explained. “We are not about to rush our clients. If they want to have an hour or two for afternoon tea at the Ballygally Castle hotel or stop off for a pint of Guinness at The Crosskeys Inn, that’s not a problem.

“It’s all about making sure they have an enjoyable time and exceeding their expectations.” In developing the business Trevor was keen to make sure he could show off the best of the country.

“I enjoy showing people the best of Northern Ireland, especially the history I’m really interested in that” he said. “That’s my favourite bit of the job, I’m a person who likes to please a guest. I like when someone comes here, and they’ve enjoyed the day and they’ve had a good time.”

And, one thing that always exceeds what they expect, is Northern Ireland itself.

“They love the scenery,” Trevor said. “They find the Glens mystical and very engaging. They go through the nine Glens and then suddenly they’re on the Antrim plateau. It seems to them that it changes very quickly, and they love that diversity.”

With both the XJ Jaguar and the Range Rover there is flexibility, with each having their benefits.

“Americans are very familiar with Range Rovers and with the space and increased visibility they can enjoy a better view,” he said. “In addition if they are being collected, for example from Dublin Airport there Is tonnes of space, even if they have a lot of luggage.

“On other occasions they prefer the Jaguar, such as when they are going to an evening do, or a black tie event.”

In addition Exclusive NI Tours has links with Slemish private airfield so can arrange Flexifly private aircraft hire from London City and other airports.

“It is the flexibility that we offer in delivering a unique Northern Ireland experience, with security and safety,” Trevor explained. “And, with a maximum of four for each tour we want every client to feel that they are being pampered and to ensure they have no hassle or worries throughout their time with us.

“They want the Northern Ireland experience in luxury and we make sure they can explore our heritage, folklore, culture and scenery. Of course, they are never short of dramatic photo opportunities.”

For those with specific interest in genealogy, Trevor has linked up with Natalie Bodle of Roots Revealed. Exclusive NI Tours can curate Natalie’s genealogy research into bespoke, one-of-a-kind tours through their family lineage.

To learn more about Exclusive NI Tours pre-planned tours or enquire about a bespoke tour go to


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