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HR Specialist Greg Quinn Reveals Positive Outlook For Recruitment Market

According to human resources and recruitment specialists People HQ, the first signs of recovery in the jobs market have begun to appear as the country looks forward to the easing of restrictions in coming months.

Founder of the North Down based People HQ, Greg Quinn, said that recent surveys and market analyses have shown that employers are now beginning to look to fill posts.

“ONS, university research and the CIPD winter analysis have been more positive now from anytime since the beginning of the pandemic,” he explained.

“The CIPD Labour Market Outlook showed that the net employment balance, that is worked out by measuring the difference between employers hiring and those reducing staff, has risen for the first time since lockdowns began last March.”

Greg, who is a Fellow of CIPD, said that at this time good professional advice has never been more important.

“The current business environment means that business needs to plan ahead, make decisions and ensure their strategy and actions are taking advantage of every opportunity available,” he explained.

“We have found that employees still in post have had to adapt to new ways of working, whether due to working from home or having a blended home and office working week.

“Client organisations had to move very quickly to ensure employees had the relevant home setup to conduct their roles effectively. Communication with teams has never been so important, at People HQ we worked with numerous clients to help them work with their team communications.”

Equally, Greg explained that it was also vital to support those seeking work.

“We continue to help candidates,” he said, adding: “Times have been tough for those who have been made redundant.

“We help candidates by providing support with CVs, interview advice and coach them along the journey to their next role, helping them gain their confidence again, and hopefully with these first signs of the green shoots of recovery they will find the post best suited to them.”

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