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The adorable student comes out AND asks his best friend to prom

A high school senior finally worked up the courage to ask his best from to prom just seconds after he came out.

In a video that has recently surface online, it shows high school student Ari giving a farewell speech to some of his friends due to their leaving after graduation.

“These past four years—I cannot believe I’m actually standing here doing this—these past four years have been the best of my life, there’s no other way to put it,” he begins.

“This has been an incredible place for me to really…be my home away from home. I’ve never felt so included, so safe and so accepted for who I am.”

He continues on about his time he spent in the closet before announcing, “with absolute certainty that I am not straight, heterosexual, whatever.”

After his friends cheering dies down, the prom proposal begins. Without giving anything away, we'll let you watch the clip below.

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