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Geordie Shore star's scary beauty procedure

Kyle Christie, a star on the MTV show Geordie Shore has went the gore route for a better look.

Known for being a bit of a looker, we can't imagine why he would want to change anything! But it has come to surface Kyle has undergone two procedures, a nose job and a hair transplant.

Whilst most are fond of a nose-job, it's the hair transplant that has people talking. Not because of how bad or good it looks, but how painful and stomach churning the transplant looks!

Kyle volunteered to stay awake during the process, taken place at The Skin Clinic + Hair Transplant Centre Liverpool, with the operation being performed by Dr. Kumari Read, which involves hair molecules being removed from other parts of the body and transferred to the scalp.

They newly placed molecules are arranged to form a new hairline or to cover baldness and will eventually grow as a part of your hair, as if its au naturale.

Below you can see the images but we must warn you, they're not for the feint.

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