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Gus Kenworthy knocked out and left beaten up

The skier shows his faced bloodied and bruised after being knocked out.

Gus Kenworthy, took to social media to show his hundreds of thousands of followers his beaten up face after a nasty skiing accident. The Olympic professional shows his nose and forehead bruised and bleeding with what looks like a black eye on his right.

Along with the picture, Gus wrote:

‘Not-so-cute portrait that @shay_will took of me at @tellurideski, today! I came home to film an edit on a some private features that @jibmasterchris built for me. I was planning to shoot for four days but after knocking myself out cold on Friday afternoon we ended up only getting to film for about three hours, today. Stoked on the shots we got considering the circumstances - stay tuned for more pics and video!’

The shooting he was talking about is regarding a film the skier is due to appear in which is yet to be announced. It’s fair to say Gus now has the rough, dangerous look going for him now.

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