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1st Impressions - How to Lose 15 years!!

With the latest at home technology & Products from CurrentBody - The Beauty Device Experts.

By: Gary Campion

If you have read our current issue you will already be aware that I am fast approaching the big 4-oh and like peter pan I don’t want to grow up lol! I decided to see what the guys at CurrentBody could do to help me turn back the clock a little and by turning back the clock I mean death becomes her levels… can dream right?! Lol! Ok let's be realistic for a moment, no device is going to turn back the clock by 15 years without surgery or something but they can’t hurt to try right?

The guys at CurrentBody provided me with 4 of their most popular products to assist me with my challenge, here are my first use impressions:

iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System - on first receiving and using this product I felt like I was putting on a BMX helmet that happened to need plugging in to be able to do its thing. It’s comfortable to wear and you can multitask while using it as long as you’re near a plug socket, I watched TV while using it but you can listen to your music from most devices on it should you so wish. There are 3 different programmes for men and 2 for women and depending on your requirements the programmes run for 20-25 minutes each session. The system is very simple and easy to use, you plug it in, place the helmet on your head, select your program and let it do its thing. The headset and handset will beep to let you know when it’s finished, you only need to use it every other day and they state within the instruction booklet that using it any more than that won’t make a difference, otherwise I would have been wearing it all day every day lol! I’ve decided to go with the 25 minute programme for thinning hair at the front and crown of the head. I can’t wait to see the midway and final results given all the positive feedback this product has had from other users. iGrow are so confident that you'll receive effective results from the device that they're offering a money back policy if you're not happy after 6 months of use (T&C’s Apply). RRP: £579.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask - when I first opened this it was like looking at something from American Psycho or silence of the lambs lol! The mask is flexible and comfortable to wear and extremely easy to use as it is only a matter of pressing a button to start and it switches off with a beep once finished. It takes a few goes to get the hang of which way is the most comfortable to wear this but I think I have found what works for me. The LED lights can be a little bright but you are provided with goggles should you find that they are a little too bright for you, I personally didn’t feel the need to use them. Unlike the hair system this works on a rechargeable USB battery pack so you can move around without having to be plugged into a socket near a wall. The mask claims to have clinically proven results after 4 weeks of use, fingers crossed I will see some midway results just in time for my big birthday party. RRP: £279.

Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips - Within the package you get enough strips to use over a 14 day period (1 set per day) along with whitening toothpaste to use at least twice a day. The instructions are easy to follow and the strips are comfortable and easy to use, you dry your teeth off (I used a cotton bud), pop the bottom strip in first, then the top and wait for 1 hour for them to do their thing. Following the hour you brush your teeth with the whitening toothpaste provided. First use impression is that they are easy to use and my teeth feel cleaner and fresher after just one use.

Keep an eye for the forthcoming issue of GNI for my 2 months of use review.

You can find out more about the company & these devices / products on the website at: www.


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