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September already, where has the year gone? The light mornings are disappearing, Schools are back and the majority of Pride events have all taken place in some form or another with Omagh being the exception, their 1st pride is happening on 25th September and we cannot wait. It's safe to say the weather will swiftly be on the change too as we start to plan and look ahead to Christmas, it is after all only 15 weeks away. Can we expect normal festivities this year? Well the markets are back which is a good sign so fingers and toes crossed further lifting of restrictions are afoot. A few things must be mentioned before I divulge what is exciting about this issue, first up the changes to Blood Donating, probing questions have been removed and the process is easier and farrier which will allow so many more people to donate. I donated myself a few weeks back, it was so easy, my plan is to give regularly and I would recommend anyone eligible/able does the same. Covid continues to spread across the province which is both baffling and concerning especially as almost 90% of adults in the U.K have had their first jab and almost 80% have had both, I fear what is to come as winter is looming, though remain the eternal optimist. It would be insensitive of me not to mention Afghanistan, so many people being left in limbo, LGBTQ+ local people will most certainly be targeted and millions of women/girls won't have an opportunity of education or jobs, it really is a sad state of affairs. I hope for a peaceful transition and that the United Nations and other countries keep a watchful eye. On to this issue, our Cover is graced by Calum Scott, Voice of an angel and looks to match, it was a pleasure interviewing him and Ryan James who I suggest you check out. Other interviews include Johnathan Beal, The Oracle Rising, Inhaler, Bobby Newberry and plenty more. We approach topics such as Lady Bits, weather to Hug or Not, Menstruation, Toilet Amnesty, Gay Friendly Countries and tonnes more.

Our regular columnists are back and we feature local artists Storm, Alex Truesdale, Connor Mills and Ross Kane. Our Go, Life and You sections are packed with things to keep you occupied and we introduce a new Try section dedicated to reviews and recommendations. In closing I thank everyone for their continued support, advertisers, contributors, readers alike you all play an important role and finally to the LGBTQ+ Metro Covid Fund whose support gave us the means to print during trying times.


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