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DAY 5 - gender orientation

Thank goodness is Friday, and thank goodness that we have different gender orientations as well!

Cisgender: People with the same gender that was assigned to them at birth – think the whole boy or girl pink or blue gender reveal parties. Therefore, the opposite would be….

Non cisgender: People with a different gender than was assigned to them at birth, or those that don’t conform to either simply male or female/pink or blue…there’s a hell of lot more colours anyway.

Nonbinary: Different people have different views on what non-binary means, it depends on what it means to the person. However, it is essentially people whose gender cannot be described as exclusively male or female, they don’t vibe with pink or blue, but if you mix them together and get purple then hey that might work.

Genderqueer: People who experience their gender as fluid, that can change at any time. It can also be used to describe people that do not fit into either gay or straight, male or female norms – they can be male one day, then female, then neither, its fluid.

Skoliosexual: This is for those that fancy getting down and dirty with people that are non-cisgender, such as people that are non-binary, queergender to trans.

Gender can be whatever you want it to be, or don’t want it to be, or want it to be sometimes. Just go with your own vibe and be amazing no matter how you define yourself. But no matter how you define yourself, be safe about it, and come back tomorrow to find out how.


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