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A Mesmerising Evening with Norah Jones at Belfast Waterfront Hall

Norah Jones the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter graced the stage of the Waterfront Hall last night and I had the pleasure of attending the live performance which was an incredibly enchanting experience!

As a long-time fan in which her music has heavily featured during my chill \ bath time.

I had high expectations, and Norah Jones did not disappoint.

Her concert was a masterclass in musical artistry and left me thoroughly enthralled from beginning to end. The venue itself, the Belfast Waterfront Hall, provided a cosy and intimate setting for the concert with atmospheric lighting and backdrop. The acoustics were excellent, allowing Norah’s velvety voice to fill the space and captivate the audience from the very beginning.

With a career spanning over two decades Norah has amassed a rich back catalogue of songs, her setlist was a carefully curated mix of beloved classics and fresh, thought-provoking tracks, showcasing Norah's evolution as an artist over the years.

When she took the stage, Norah Jones exuded a magnetic presence that immediately drew the audience in. Her voice, with its rich, velvety tones, effortlessly enraptured everyone as she flawlessly moved between genres, seamlessly transitioning from jazz to folk and blues, showcasing her versatility as an artist and leaving us in awe. Her timeless hits like "Don't Know Why," "Sunrise" and "Come Away with Me," were met with thunderous applause. At the same time, her newer songs offered a glimpse into her artistic growth, earning the admiration of both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Accompanied by a stellar band of musicians, each song came to life with incredible instrumentals and enchanting arrangements. Whether it was the entrancing piano melodies, the soulful guitar solos, or the rhythmic beats, every element of the performance came together harmoniously, elevating Norah's music to new heights. I have ticked off another artist that I have to see live before I die tonight.

If you ever get the opportunity to see her live, even if you are not a fan of her or her genre you should take it, as you will develop a whole new love for music and you may well find the perfect music to chill and unwind like I did over 20 years ago.

If you have time you can possibly see her in Dublin tonight - visit for tickets


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