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4 Corners Festival Unites Belfast Giants Legend With Fans At Q&A

David Goodwin Joins Mark Simpson in conversation

4 Corners Festival is currently running its 9-day event, complete with a spectacular line-up of events, from discussions to activities held across Belfast.

Featuring a range of music, talks, sporting events and religious sermons, the festival promises to have something for everyone.

Exclusive to 2023’s schedule, Belfast Giants captain David Goodwin will be involved with the programme, being interviewed on all aspects of his life.

Held at Agape Centre on Lisburn Road, David Goodwin will be speaking alongside BBC’s Mark Simpson on his experiences with the Belfast Giants, his progression from the USA to Northern Ireland and more.

Set to take to the stage on Thursday February 2, the talk ties in with this year’s theme, Dreams… Visions For Belfast, with David sharing his own dreams and various aspirations he’s had throughout his career.

Speaking on his desire to partake in the festival, David said he looked forward to being able to talk openly and hopefully inspire his audience.

He said: “I’ve heard nothing but great things about the 4 Corners Festival and I was honoured to be invited to participate in one of the events.

“I would always welcome the opportunity to promote the wellbeing of all in the city of Belfast.”

Having been involved with the Belfast Giants since 2019, David Goodwin has been a keen ice hockey fan and player for several years, with the Northern Irish team hosting its own community and sense of harmony through the sport.

David explained that the united front that can be found in Belfast drew him to the area, adding that the culture in the Northern Irish capital is unrivalled.

He said: “The locals are easygoing and sociable, which has made me feel welcomed. I’ve found the culture to be exceptionally hospitable.

Belfast fosters a slower pace of life compared to the US, which I prefer.”

David also identified what would be in his talk with Mark Simpson, saying he will cover stories from his life as an American in Belfast and how his dreams have led him to where he is today.

He said: “I will offer unique stories and experiences of what it’s like for an American professional Ice Hockey player living in Belfast for the last 4 years.

“I love Belfast and it really has become a second home for me.”

Tickets are available online for both in-person attendance and access to the virtual stream for those who are interested in hearing more but unable to physically attend.

For more information and to secure tickets for David Goodwin in Conversation with Mark Simpson go to For the full 4 Corners Festival programme visit


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