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Victoria's Health & Beauty to the Rescue


It's all about the Brows!

In the nineties and noughties Eyebrow style was best described as less is more, thankfully this has done a complete U-Turn as bigger is better. This is great for girls and guys alike as they can embrace the oh natural look.

Unfortunately what this means for us 80s/90's kids is that there are now millions of people who have little or in some cases no eyebrows.

So confession time, I plucked my brows almost to non existence stupidly seeking what then was seen as great or maybe even perfect Eyebrows. Within a few years of the extensive plucking I realised I had made a massive mistake, my brows have never grown back and 15 years on I am searching for normal, acceptable eyebrows.

For years the only way I could disguise my thin brows was to draw them on, to thicken up, I know what you are thinking you do that daily. For a female for someone really feminine this is probably fine and part of your beauty regime though for someone like myself it is a complete nuisance and real chore.

Thankfully Beauticians and Salons now specialise in brow shaping, tinting, tattooing and microblading which is music to the ears of something like myself who wants nothing but normal brows again.

A few years ago I had had semi permanent procedures which I was happy with, then 12 months ago I decided to bite the bullet and get the latest fad "Microblading" if you search online or simply scroll through social media you will see hundreds of people offering the treatment so for me it was a no-brainer — HOW WRONG WAS I!

I am not going to dwell on the horrible experience I received instead I want to talk about the amazing Victoria's Health & Beauty who today came to my rescue. Firstly though you need to see a photo's of after my nightmare microblading experience.


Ok so on the inspiration and great service that inspired this blog :)

As you can imagine after such a horrible experience I have been apprehensive and simply petrified of letting anyone near my eyebrows though from recommendation I braved calling Victoria's Health and Beauty to arrange a consultation to discuss options.

I arrived at 9.30am in the morning I must say the first thing that was apparent was how clean and modern the place was, Victoria herself greeted me at the reception desk and immediately made me feel so relaxed and ease. Her warm smile was so welcoming.​​ She gave me forms to complete, offered me tea/coffee while she prepped things within one of the beauty rooms.

Once the I's were dotted and T's crossed I was invited in for my consultation, I can honestly say I was so impressed with the length of time spent with me chatting about options and expectations before Victoria drew over my brows to give me a idea and visual at how my brows could look after the treatment.

After a glimpse I was sold, there was not a shred of doubt in my mind about proceeding with the procedure.

I must admit the micro tattoo pen is a tad nippy though Victoria was on hand with numbing cream which soothed and took the edge off.

I wasn't to conscious of the time though can confidently say it was quick and pretty painless and finished within an hour

I am so pleased with the finished result, my brows have improved on so many levels, shape, definition and overall symmetry. I still have a few scars and ink remnants from prior treatments though I am hopeful these will improve over time.

In approx 1-2 months I will return for a review as a top up may be required after this the results should be visible for up to 3 years which in itself is so satisfying, no more Eyebrow pencils for me :)

Here is a before and after picture, the change is amazing

Thanks so much Victoria, you have made me so happy.

If you are thinking about a treatment I couldn't recommend Victoria enough. They offer all sorts and specialise in Dermalogica Facials.

While I was in a lady was getting a massage using the latest techniques of Lava Shells, when I return for my top up might just have to do that also lol

The Salon is based at 31a Queen Street Lurgan.

Check out their Facebook Page by clicking here or give them a call on 028 3831 0138 to find out about all the different treatments on offer

Thanks again.

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