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Going Off Script - Irish Trio Rock Belfast

Last night seen the Irish trio blow the roof off the jam packed, sold out arena, Ella Eyre warmed up the crowd with her husky vocals to a selection of her tunes including her biggest hit "Came here for love" it was then time for the main act. Not sure where I was supposed to be looking as there was the main stage and a curtained platform in the middle of the arena, next thing I knew the was a bang, flash of a bright light and the lads burst into one of their biggest hits to date "Superheros" on the B stage followed by "Paint the town green" where they light the arena up green with lights and fired green confetti into the crowd from both stages.

The lads then bravely made their way through the sell out crowd onto the main stage to continue their performances of their hits from their albums old and new with tracks like"man that can't be moved" new single "arms open" and my personal tear jerking favourite "if you could see me now."

Then in a shock section of the show the lads took into the tiered seating to perform stripped back acoustic versions of "if you ever come back" and "never seen anything quite like you" from among the shocked seated audience members. It was then Danny decided to give the entire side of the arena a closer look at his performance by making his way through the seated audience back to the main stage while singing "the energy never dies" he walked straight in front of my seat close enough to touch, if it hadn't for the security and screaming fans all trying to get a touch from their idol that is.

The staging and lighting for this show was nothing short of spectacular with the use of lasers, large screens and smart camera tricks it was an attack on all the senses. The lads finished up with Current hit "Rain" and then came on for the usual anticipated encore to perform "Breakeven" and "Hall of Fame" I left the arena humming and singing the tunes to the rest of the night, feeling like I had just witnessed one of the best audience focused gigs I have been to in a long time.... to Danny and the lads if you are reading this keep up the good work!

If you haven't got an opportunity to see the guy's live don't despair their latest album 'Freedom Child' is out now

Visit there official site

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