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M.R.J is back with his 2nd single 'Cali High' we love this video <3

M.R.J. has announced another collaboration with producer Michael Stockwell (Phrased Differently) for his latest pop number – synth-heavy summer single ‘Cali High’. The track arrives in the wake of his sublime debut single ‘Bliss’, which premiered on BBC Introducing as well as receiving deserved praise from Record of the Day around the time of release. After getting hold of a rough demo from Michael while travelling in Alaska, the London-based singer was instantly hooked. It was only a matter of time then before he was back home in the studio sculpting the lyrics and melody with upcoming soul singer Elsa Chapman. M.R.J. has since teamed up with director Jay Parpworth for the music video. Having already completed a one shot take in an abandoned house for previous single ‘Bliss’, M.R.J. knew he wanted Jay for the job. Wanting to take advantage of his background in dance, M.R.J. flew to Cologne for 24 hours to work with experienced choreographers Tommy Franzen & Xena Gusthart.

‘I knew I wanted to work with Tommy and Xena so travelling to Cologne seemed a small price to pay. We wound up only having a few hours together but came up with something pretty organic and cool. Shot under the dusky light of yet another abandoned location – this time, a run down equestrian track – M.R.J. has fashioned first-rate visuals that’ll rouse more feelings of 90s nostalgia than your old lava lamps and Pokemon collection ever could. Get on that ‘Cali High’ here -

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