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Why was Earnest so important?

Jack, John, Earnest……. sure what’s in a Name?

First thing’s first let’s put to bed the issue of an all-male cast for a play that has four female leading roles, on paper this sounds like something from Little Britain, but in practice this worked superbly for a refreshing insight into the text twinned with comical and entertainment value. A special nod has to local thespian Ross Anderson-Doherty who played the bossy, verging on rude Lady Bracknell to the letter with comical timing totally on point.

The play itself followed the original the script with music and songs composed and performed by the talents of Musical Director Matthew Reeve, who accompanied the casts fine voices and harmonies on a grand piano throughout the production.

Innuendos and wit galore is what we have come to know Oscar Wilde’s pieces and this production certainly delivers those along with the timings of sung phrases and narratives from the added musical aspect. Anyone who loves a great night out at the theatre filled with music, songs and laughter needs to check this one out.

The Importance of Being Earnest is on MAC Theatre until the 15th April, tickets are available online at or via the box office on Tel: 028 9023 5053.

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