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COMING OUT - It was easy until it came to my Granny

We caught up with Adam from Lurgan to chat with him about what it was like when he came out, and how his life has been since then.

Realising he was gay when he was very young, he remembers being in primary school and feeling differently towards boys than to girls. It wasn't until secondary school that he started to realise what it all meant. After struggling in school, being bullied, and dating girls Adam had become depressed and decided that he needed to take control of his own life, and coming out was the first step towards this.

After telling his sister the response was positive so then he took the brave step of telling his mum. After much tears, hugging and laughter Adam felt invincible. Coming out has changed his life significantly, he feels like it was the best decision he'd ever made for himself. He also told us a funny story about how he came out, or was outted to his granny, read the whole thing HERE

Remember, you're not alone. Lifeline are on the other end of the phone for help or advice. All calls are answered by qualified crisis counsellors who can provide immediate support. Calls are free from landlines and mobiles. Call them on 0808 808 8000

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