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A last minute decision has been made to the Ashers Appeal case where it will be halted until May 9th. This comes after the intervention of Attorney General Larkin raising legal issues and technicalities along with equality legislation to the courts. The case involved challenging Judge Isobel Brownlie’s decision to find the McArthur family of discrimination based on sexual orientation last year.

DUP MLA Paul givan, who was previously very vocal in his defence of Ashers, has said that the court was right to postpone the appeal, defending Attorney General’s actions.

Ready to go ahead with the case, Mr. Gareth Lee was accompanied by the Equality Commission’s chief commissioner, Dr Michael Wardlow in defending the judges previous ruling, but will now have to wait until a later date.

This comes less than 48 hours when ‘The Christian Institute’ held a rally in support of Asher Bakery in Craigavon, fuelling support for their case and have supported the bakery since the media storm it created.

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