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Waitress - Pietastic!! with a little bit of Sugar, butter flour!

Move over Sugababes there's a new sweet trio with tight harmonies in town! (Sugar! Butter! Flour!)

Based on the 2007 film, with music and songs by 7-time Grammy Award winner Sara Bareilles, Waitress is a multi-themed piece that delves into some serious issues including domestic abuse and adultery, but does so in an adult innuendo styled comedic light-hearted way throughout.

Waitress the Musical is a story of a small-town girl Jenna (Chelsea Halfpenny) with big pie related dreams and her two closest friends and work colleagues Dawn (Evelyn Hoskins) that geeky, goofy, innocent friend we all know and love and Becky (Sandra Marvin) the sassy, strong woman, who can hold her own and will always have your back.

Jenna is a gifted pie-maker who is trapped in a controlling, abusive marriage working in a local diner, with dreams of winning the national pie competition and opening her own pie shop with the winnings. Trapped in a cycle of routine, discontent and handing her money to her husband, things get extra complicated when she falls for her new Dr. Pomatter (Busted's Matt Willis). With the help of her close friends Becky and Dawn to overcome her obstacles and make her dreams a reality – sounds easy but it is not as easy as pie.

As is with everyone in everyday life, the diner has it’s different personalities, opinions, secrets and stuff to deal with each with their own backstories which all become clearer as the show progresses. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil the show's twists and turns, but the show revolves around Jenna’s unexpected & initially unwanted pregnancy, her years of experiencing abusive relationships from a young age and into her marriage, the sparking up of the most unexpected romantic encounter and how she finds strength with the support of her two friends and unexpectedly from Joe (Michael Starke) the grumpy old man owner of the diner who will win your heart by the end of the show.

Chelsea’s vocal abilities shine brightly throughout the show and blend so well in tight harmonies with her 3 main co-stars Matt, Evelyn and Sandra. The staging and scene setting is on par with any static West End show and the costumes on point and in keeping with the narrative.

A special mention has to go to local girl Scarlett Cochrane (above) from Little Starz Academy who stole the show and the audience's hearts at the end.

Waitress is a cheesy rom-com made for the stage with a beautiful mix of lyrically stunning numbers (check out the soundtrack on Spotify), baking themed puns and multi-layered characters that will have you laughing while warming your heart.

Waitress is playing at the Grand Opera House Belfast until this Saturday, 5th March, tickets are available via this link Waitress - Grand Opera House (


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