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St Agnes’ are back with everyone’s favourite kooky family!

Following up from last year's critically acclaimed sell-out production of Shrek The Musical, St Agnes’ Choral Society brings us this spectacular musical comedy - The Addams Family

Off the back of the Netflix hit show ‘Wednesday’ this is perfect timing to make audiences aware of this Spooky musical, before I dive in a little history of the family and some info on the concept.

Back in 1938 the world got their first look at The Addams Family in the form of a cartoon, jump to 1964 and the show was adapted into a television programme, although only running for 2 seasons reruns still are played across the world today. For me though the most memorable incarnation of the family was in 1991 when Rauls Julia and Anjelica Huston headed up the cast as Gomez and Morticia with Christina Ricci portraying Wednesday, scary that I remember it so well even though 30 years have passed.

In recent years The Addams Family remains a talking point, reaching new audiences thanks to new animated movies and just this year the Newtflix hit which i mentioned ‘ Wednesday’, not only has the series been a global hit the dance has become iconic across social media - we did get a little snip of this in the show which was a lovely nod.

Maybe 6 years ago I was introduced to the Musical of The Addams Family though for those unfamiliar the concept is easy to follow and explained virtually the opening scene.

I am unsure of the exact timeline though one could easily imagine this is around 8 years after the movie, Wednesday is now 18 years old.

The story centers around the tribulations of the princess of darkness as she discloses her new found love, who happens to be a regular unassuming teen to her openly unorthodox family.

Her love is somewhat a guarded secret, Gomez being her confidant withholds this information from Morticia even though they vow never to have secrets, all is ultimately revealed over a game of Full Disclosure.

The show opened giving us a glimpse of Wednesday meeting Lucas, this was followed a powerful full company number ‘When You're An Addams’ what an epic opening, the stage was filled with ensemble portraying deceased members of the family, the sound that was made was nothing short of epic, this really set the tone.

Heading up the cast in the role of Gomez is Allen Gordon, whom I have known him for years though this is the first time I have seen him on stage and boy he done such a fantastic job, perfect for the role, great stage presence, comic ability and vocals were on point, I was surprised to hear that this is Allen’s first venture on the GOH stage, in my opinion he was right at home.

Lorraine Jackson took on the iconic role of Morticia, she completely embodied the character from the dark yet sensual look to mannerisms and voice. Lorraine clearly did her homework and it definitely paid off, I really enjoyed her performance.

Wednesday Addams was played by Aideen Fox. I had the pleasure of working with Aideen a few years ago at a concert. She is such a talent though this was in a different league, her vocals are just extraordinary, perfect casting, the song Pulled vocally stole the show for me, I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job.

Martin McDowell’s Uncle Fester had everyone smiling every time they were on stage, the song ‘The Moon And Me’ was definitely a highlight - I don’t want to give much away though the energy was literally flying off the stage.

Gemma Duffy played the loopy Grandma, she looked like she had such a ball, what a fun character to play.

The Companies chairperson Gareth McGreevy graced the stage as the families butler Lurch, watch out for the surprise in the 2nd act.

Fiona Keegan played Lucas’s mum Alice, her performance was unbelievable, you will see a few sides to Alice that many would struggle portraying though Fiona completely embraced the role and what a voice.

Mal Lucas’s Father was played by Mark Tilley, the last time I saw Mark perform was in ‘Company’ this was such a change and understated role, played perfectly.

Lucas was played by Josh Clarke, he had such great energy and great chemistry with Wednesday.

Jude Forsythe was great as the somewhat gormless Pugsley, he had so many great moments and he sang ‘What If’ perfectly.

Images/Photography - Joe Carberry and Nicola McKee

Everyone of the main characters should be so pleased with their performance last night

Concluding the main cast was Liam Nuggent and Kate McClean as Cousin IT and Young Wednesday respectively. Bravo to Liam for coping within all that hair lol and as for Kate her scene with older Wednesday and Gomez was just beautiful - well done.

The stage really came alive during the ensemble numbers, vocally everyone harmonised so well and in terms of Choreography there were some many dance styles on display from Spanish to Ballet, those interested in Dance will be sure to be entertained.

Bravo to Director Laura Kerr, Andrew Robinson the Musical Director and Anne Marie Morgan the Choreographer this mammoth show gelled together perfectly, you should be so proud, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Will Lucas and his family be compatible in the Addams Family Mix ? Will Uncle Fester meet his love who can only be reached by rocket ? Will Pugsley get the daily torture he desires?

There are so many subplots within the production that keep the story interesting.

The Addams Family will have you leave the theatre laughing at the hilarious script, rousing songs and witty characters. It also has all-age appeal, with a varied musical score ensuring there really is something for everyone, and a few surprises thrown in for good measure!’

Tickets are available from the Grand Opera House Box Office at (028) 9024 1919 or book online at , The Addams Family runs until Saturday 6th May.


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