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Today were going to talk about those that don’t feel sexual attraction or romantic attraction or those that feel neither, otherwise known as asexuality, but this can be broken down further

Asexual: When someone feels little or no sexual attraction to anyone at all, no fanny flutters or tented trousers, nada. Each asexual person is different though, it’s a spectrum. Some like to get romantic, just not down and dirty; some get down and dirty but don’t get the pleasure themselves, just second-hand joy from their partner, and some like neither. These are just a few examples, there are loads of different ways of being asexual, and anyone that is asexual gets to decide where they fall on the spectrum, and what being asexual means to them.

Aromantic: Someone that does not experience romantic attraction. No dramatic Nicolas Sparks moments will faze them. That’s not to say they don’t experience love, some choose to have romantic relationships and some choose to have QPPs instead (Queer Platonic Partnerships). QPPs are not just a bestie though, a QPP is on the same level as a romantic relationship where you live together, get married, the whole shebang, you just do it platonically.

Grey-sexual or Gray-Romantic: They don’t fit into asexual or sexual, or romantic or aromantic. These folks have so many different variations, but it is again a spectrum. You don’t feel sexual attraction till your already very very much in love? Or you don’t feel romantic attraction till you have known them forever an have been great friends the whole time? You feel like your in a grey area of relationships and sex where it’s a take it, leave it or take it under very specific circumstances? You could be grey-sexual/greyromantic.

There are so many different orientations of the asexual spectrum, we couldn’t fit it all into one day, so come back tomorrow for even more.


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