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Last night Cian Ducrot left not a dry eye in the house!

Cian Ducrot’s second sold-out night of his Victory Tour at the Ulster Hall in Belfast was a truly memorable experience.

As someone who had the pleasure of connecting with Cian during an interview for our Christmas edition, I was thrilled to be invited to his live performance. Having attended many gigs, I can confidently say that this was one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve had the privilege of reviewing.


The night kicked off with Cian opening the show with mypersonal favourite, “Victory.” His performance was accompanied by the beautiful sound of a starlit piano, which he played several times throughout the evening. The staging was simple yet effective, featuring a black backdrop with Cian’s name lit up in various colours. The addition of dry ice and exceptional lighting created a captivating atmosphere.


One of the highlights of the night was when Cian showcased his talent for playing the flute. The audience couldn’t help but clap along to his beat, and it added an authentic Irish touch to the performance. Another standout moment was when Cian picked up an acoustic guitar and performed “How Do You Know.” The crowd enthusiastically sang every word, creating an incredible energy in the room.


Despite still being relatively early in his career, Cian effortlessly commanded the audience’s attention throughout the entire show. He had a remarkable ability to make each person in the crowd feel as though he was singing directly to them. Whether it was pointing, waving, or simply making eye contact, Cian had the audience in the palm of his hand.


Cian’s comfort on stage was evident throughout the performance. He seamlessly transitioned between sitting at the piano, standing on it, and even laying along the top of it at one point. His connection with the audience was genuinely heartfelt, and he dedicated a powerful performance to his best friend who tragically took his own life in Belfast, despite being from Dublin. The audience responded by illuminating the hall with the white lights of their phones, creating a moving and emotional moment.


In addition to treating the crowd to his best-known hits like “All For You,” “Part of Me,” “Heaven,” and “Everyone Who Falls in Love,” Cian showcased his exceptional vocal abilities, instrument playing skills, and undeniable stage presence. His live renditions of these songs brought a whole new level of emotion and meaning to his beautifully crafted lyrics.


As the show came to a close, Cian left the audience on a high note with his performance of “I’ll Be Waiting.” The crowd responded with rapturous clapping, cheering, and whistling, showcasing their appreciation for an incredible night of music.


Overall, Cian Ducrot’s second sold-out night at the Ulster Hall in Belfast was a testament to his immense talent as a musician and performer. His ability to connect with his audience, deliver powerful performances, and create a memorable show is truly remarkable. I have no doubt that Cian’s career will continue to skyrocket, and I eagerly await his future endeavours.

For those who missed out on attending this remarkable concert, fear not, as Cian Ducrot’s album “Victory” is available on all major streaming platforms. Additionally, it can be purchased on CD and vinyl, making it the perfect Christmas gift for any music lover.

Incase you haven't seen/read the current issue of GNI MAG here is a link to the interview with Cian


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