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Giovanni Pernice delighted all @ The Waterfront

Millions of people the length and breadth of the U.K will recognise the face, the name, have seen him strut his stuff on the ever-popular BBC Strictly Come Dancing and some may have also had the opportunity to see his prior tours.

It is safe to say he is one of the more popular pro dancers on the programme mainly due to his undeniable talent and his charismatic personality.

The guy in questions is non-other than the super talented Giovanni who is out on the road with his fantastic "This Is Me" show.

A few weeks back we had the opportunity to interview Giovanni (this can be read by clicking here) so you can imagine we were super excited to get a catch-up and see first hand him in action at the prestigious Waterfront Hall on Sunday afternoon.

Before we delve into the show, we will start by rubbing in the fact that pre-show we met Giovanni, what a lovely friendly guy. Those who had a V.I.P ticket had the opportunity to have a chat, get pictures, autographs etc. I would say he spent close to an hour with people which was lovely on a personal level though there were a lot of die-hard fans who were in awe, he really made their day.

So on to the show, it opened in great fashion as if the audience were backstage with Giovanni in his dressing room, this was really fun, we saw pre-show behaviour while he got dressed which culminated with a big number in top hat and tails, this really got the audience in the spirit for what was in store.

In my honest opinion, it ticked all the boxes, I don't want to give to much away but it was packed with amazing routines, glamorous costumes, lots of comedy and some audience participation. There was also some eye candy and a few shirtless moments which certainly pleased a large portion of the audience too lol.

Don't quote me on this though I think there were 9 or 10 dancers in the cast, all super talented in their own right, though it felt like we were watching a much larger production, think this was due to the variety in style and many costume changes.

I always knew Giovanni was a fun character though until you see his own show you are not fully aware of this, from him taking the piss out of his bad singing to impersonations & whigs to his chat at his own expense at times and whity comments with the audience, he had the audience captivated and engaged.

This made for a unique type of show. He could have so easily fallen into a trap of just popular dance routines, thankfully this wasn't the case.

I mentioned the audience participation, 2 members of the audience were asked to join Giovanni to learn a routine to Vogue, this had everyone in kinks of laughter, let's just say there was great comedic timing on Giovanni's part though loads of sass and hilarious dance moves from the audience members. This was a great addition to the show.

The main body of the 2-hour show was the out of this world dancing, everything you would expect from world champion dancer and Guinness world record holder, be you 9 or 90 providing you have an interest in Dance and comedy I would easily say you would have a great time at the show and going by the smiling faces this was definitely the case.

Sadly he was only in Belfast for the one day but the tour does run across the U.K until 30th June so if you fancy a wee trip you can most definitely get to see the action, all the dates and tickets can be found via or clicking here

'This is Me' get's 5 Stars ***** from us


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