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Celebrate world cocktail day with Lidl Northern Ireland’s seasonal recipes

It's World Cocktail Day add a little fizz with Lidl Northern Ireland’s spring/summer-inspired cocktail recipes

Lidl Northern Ireland have created the perfect light, bright and refreshing cocktails to celebrate in style and to see you through the summer months. These easy-to-make recipes are perfect for an outdoor garden party with family or friends or if you’re simply looking to sit back, relax and enjoy. Made using Lidl Northern Ireland’s top-rated gin, prosecco and whiskey offerings, there is a cocktail to suit all tastes this Friday.

Very Berry Gin Cocktail (Serves 1)

The perfect go-to cocktail recipe for a sweet, crisp and refreshing taste.


1tbsp blackberry jam

1tsp sugar

1tbsp lemon juice

60ml Wild burrow Irish Gin 700ml (£15.99)

1 dash soda water



 In a cocktail shaker, combine the jam, sugar, lemon juice and gin

 Fill the shaker with ice, close tightly and shake vigorously for 30 seconds

 Strain the cocktail into a large tumbler, top with soda water and garnish with blackberries and a slice of lime

Summer Sangria (Serves 6)

Celebrate World Cocktail Day this week, with Lidl Northern Ireland’s homemade sangria recipe. With red wine, prosecco, apple juice and more, this is the perfect sharing drink to celebrate with friends.


750ml Barcelino Tinto DO Caralunya red rine (£5.99)

100g blueberries

120ml apple juice

750ml Allini Prosecco Spumante DOC (£7.99)

100g strawberries (hulled & sliced)

1 piece orange (sliced & quartered)


 In a large pitcher, combine the wine, fruit and apple juice. Refrigerate for at least three hours

- To serve, add fruit and ice to a glass. Fill the glass two thirds of the way up with Sangria and top with prosecco

Traditional Whiskey Sour (Serves 1)

The classic sour, combining whiskey, citrus and sugar - what’s not to love?


30ml Dundalgan triple-distilled Irish whiskey (£15.99)

15ml lemon juice

15ml sugar syrup

7.5ml egg whites

Ice cube

Orange (Orange peel to garnish)



 Add all of the ingredients including the ice to a shaker and shake vigorously for 25 seconds to chill the liquid and to froth the egg white

 In a chilled short crystal glass, add ice and pour the cocktail through a strainer over the ice, including some of the froth on the top

 Garnish with orange peel


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