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Belfast Operatics A Christmas Carol at the GOH was fit for the West End

A Magical and festive delight that pulls on your heart strings from start to finish. A real treat for all ages to enjoy so it’s the perfect family outing or date night!

From the moment the curtain rose you could feel the electricity and energy from the cast as they vocally brought the house down on the opening number with “A Jolly good time”. It set the tone for the whole show and the energy stayed throughout both acts.

A simple and effective set with no big props needed as actors used the stage well and the simplicity of Scrooges bed and chair made for an effective story told in minimal surroundings.

One of the things I loved most was the age range of the cast, giving all a chance to perform in this show. From Tiny Tim – who might I say ‘stole my heart’ with his wonderful voice and acting skills for such a young child performer – to the elder members who have been on stage for BOC over many years. Undeniable talent showcased with the upmost professionalism fit for any West End stage.

My favourite number had to be “Link by Link” –Such wonderful vocals, the clever choreography and the moment we first saw a cast member ‘fly’ on stage! Just wow.

Some actors in the show particularly stood out to me for their genuine talent, professionalism and commitment. Simon Pyper who played the role of Christmas Present blew me away! Hilarious, cheeky and very fun to watch. A real charmer.

Scrooge himself was cast perfectly- an immaculate, polished actor. You gain such a respect from watching him, he captures you in every scene and your immediately drawn to him.

But one performer completely stole the show for me… Alice Johnston who played the role of Christmas Past. Stunning in every aspect. She lights up the stage – I couldn’t take my eyes off her. With her impeccable vocal range, and her fun, magical role suited her beautifully thought-out costume.

All in all, superb directing from Wyflie Pyper. His knowledge and understanding of the show certainly shone through out. From perfect casting, great use of stage and quirky moments that saw audiences giggle unexpectedly. What’s not to love about this show!

The show runs until Saturday, you don’t want to miss it, pop over to for tickets


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