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The Miami Show Band Story.

If you were lucky enough to be around when the Show Bands hit the North and South of Ireland, this is a must see show for you!

It takes you back to when the 5 young fresh boys with dream and ambition tried to make the big time.

When they started out they had different members and tried many band names then they finally decided on the Miami Show Band, though the icing on the cake was that Dickie Rock was going to lead them. He was a heart throb back in them days and gave the band such appeal, many a girl and guy swooned at his feet.

Thankfully the legend is still around today.

The show itself was fantastic, the audience were up on their feet throughout, completely emerged

singing and dancing to songs like “To The Candy Store”

During the interval everyone was saying how great though show was, but we knew what was coming up in the 2nd half.

With a bang it took us back to the night of the tragedy when after a bomb we were left with only one survivor Des Lee.

The Opera house fell in silence, people were in tears, you remember hearing it on the news those 44 years ago, but when you see it on stage we all relived it, it was so powerful.

To end the night the Miami Show Band formed again, people were up dancing, singing and clapping along.

If you want a good night full of nostalgia you simply must go see it, you will be amazed.

A standing ovation was given and cries of "we want more” brought these singers back on stage for a much thankful encore.

You will laugh, you will tap your and sing, but most of all you will enjoy

The show runs until Sat 17th, you can get tickets and read more at:

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