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Sit back and relax this March with the magical, musical talents of LA’s Vonda Shepard and the Irish legend, Sharon Corr.

As a star of the late-nineties, hit TV show, Ally McBeal, providing amongst other things the theme track, Searchin’ My Soul, Vonda is as talented as they come and, with numerous albums and collaborations to her name, her name in the upper echelons of music history is warranted; as is that of her tour partner, Sharon Corr, one quarter of the famed Irish pop-rock band, The Corrs, who is also a supremely talented violinist in her own right – just ask Vonda.

Combined, then music lovers certainly in for a treat.

Beginning at The Stables, in Milton Keynes on March 4, Vonda Shepard and Sharon Corr will take on half-a-dozen venues on their whistle stop UK tour for what is, quite simply, the feel good evening of all feel good evenings.

Speaking of the impending tour Vonda and Sharon, friends away from the music as well as on stage, are understandably excited about what lies ahead, Vonda saying: “Sharon and I are very good friends, and love each other’s company and music.

“We thought it would be fun to combine our musicianship and voices, she feels almost like a sister to me, and our voices should blend really beautifully.

“Mostly we want to hang out in the van together…

“No, seriously, we thought we’d each do a set of material, where we each sit in on a couple of songs, and of course both of us will play our hits within our sets, then at the end come together for some really deep, rich songs that will feature our vocals.

“It should be really intimate, but also fun and at times a big party.”

Although Sharon, it’s more about the food and soul and friendship, off-stage of course, whilst serving up a delectable main course on stage, adding: “Vonda and I are super excited - we’ve been talking about doing this for years and now finally we are!

“We are dear friends so getting to hang out more - doing what we both love is amazing. Vonda and I often talk about how blessed we are to do what we do - sing- play - perform - express ourselves and it’s a job!

“Also we can have dinner every night now!

“You can expect a truly intimate and fun show from us!

“We will each play a set of our own songs - and then come together to sing songs we both love.

“I think the show will be very dynamic and it’s always incredible to explore working and collaborating with another artist - Vonda being one of my favourites.

“The audience are in for a treat! Let’s call it Food for the soul!”

A show not to be missed and will feature songs from their solo catalogues alongside some of the most memorable songs they have become so closely associated with. Tell Him, Dreams, Maryland, Radio, Hooked On A Feeling, Smalltown Boy, I Only Want To Be With You, Baby Don’t You Break My Heart Slow, Take A Minute, Walk Away Rene, We Could Be Lovers, You Belong To Me and So Young

Tickets are on sale now for the Shepard-Corr 2019 UK Tour from all venues, details of which are below….

Dates & Venues for the Shepard-Corr 2019 Tour are as follows, click the venue name to purchase tickets

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