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Maggies muff had us in bits!!

I knew before we went to see this that I’d be guaranteed a laugh – so it was an easy on the mascara kind of night. I’d read Leesa Harker’s Maggie Muff books before so I’d a fair idea that this wasn’t going to be a night filled with politically correct, down the line kind of humour.

Caroline Curran is a pure star in this one woman show – her comedy timing is impeccable and during an emotional scene (we won’t give too much away) her sensitive portrayal has us all close to tears ourselves.

This show offends nobody, cleverly because it pokes fun at everyone. If you hail from this wee part of the world we call home you’re bound to get all the jokes, and there are plenty of colloquial gags to get yer jaws roaring.

In a nutshell Maggie finds her self as a single mum to her daughter (called Prosecco), after her beu Billy is locked up doing time for a big feg run. We see Maggie entering a competition in the local shebeen, a talent completion where she entertains us all with her rendition of Single Ladies, competing against someone who can fanny fart “Penny Arcade” – You literally couldn’t write the stuff – but Leesa Harker can!!

I don’t want to spoil any more of the show, it’s hilariously surreal, filled with jokes that will leave your face and belly sore from laughing.

Get your tickets now for the final 3 preformance by clicking here or calling the box office on 028 9024 1919

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