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Tokio Myers! WOW! Enough said

After wining BGT in 2017 Torville Jones, better known by his stage name Tokio Myers has really made a name for himself. In less than 12 months this amazing musician has released a single, Album and worked with music heavy weights while co-producing charity single "Bridge over Troubled Water" to raise money for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire disaster

Fans of Britain’s Got Talent will be familiar with his many talents though what many don't know is prior to this rise to stardom he supported Kanye West, The Police and Amy Winehouse when he toured with producer Mr Hudson's band Mr Hudson and the Library. He also supported Lianne La Havas on her 2016 European Tour

Tokio is currently touring his debut album "Generation" (which reached number 4 in the charts) in venues across the uk and we seen him last night in Belfast's SSE Arena.

So what can you expect from it ?

The set is around 90 minutes, the staging was dramatic though minimalistic at the same time, (I'll try to explain) prior to attending I was imaging maybe some dancers, fire breathers or acrobats as they would tie in nicely with the mixture of sounds/pieces. Instead the focus was on the lighting effects and screen behind Tokio that displayed different scenes, emotions and art. On stage was the main man surrounded by an array of instruments all rigged up; piano, hanging snares, steel drums, the audience were completely memorised by the sheer speed and precision he was playing often more than 1 instrument at a time.

Fans will be pleased to hear that loads of hits from is album are featured in the set with the easy favourite being ‘Bloodstream’ by Ed Sheeran. It was his portrayal of this which won him Britain’s Got Talent last year.

My favourite section took me right back to the 90's, Classic Robert Miles tune Children with a Tokio twist using horns as abstract sound and a tribal beat.

The last piece though is by far the most moving and poignant it really allowed the audience to see Tokio in true pianist fashion as he played Debussy’s Clair De Lune in its entirety, this was beautiful.

In reflection I can confidently say everyone will find enjoyment in concert as there are many classic pieces, reworking of anthems and a nice mix of new music. It is great to see someone so passionate about their art getting the chance to entertain an audience, it was also really clear just how much it meant to Tokio as he thanked the audience continuously.

All tour dates can be found here be clicking here or using this link

We also recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tokio, which you can read by clicking here

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