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Fan's of the musical icon across the world were in shock yesterday when the news broke of Elton's departure from the music business. Though in true Diva style he will be going out with a bag as he is embarking on a final world tour

While chatting on "This morning" Elton confirmed that after a recent health scare he needs to but things into perspective and put his family first. As the news broke many admirers praised his decision over social media for wanting to spend quality time out of the limelight with he husband and children.

This a career spanning over 50 years the now 70 year old superstar is facing a gauntlet of a challenge, the tour will stretch over 3 years with 300 gigs around the world and we think this Rocket Man is more than capable.

The five-time Grammy winner has sold more than 300 million records during his career and is one of the most in-demand live performers on the planet.

Its not all despair though, Elton says "I'm not stopping music. I'll hopefully be making more records. I'll be writing more musicals. But mostly, I'll be taking my kid to soccer academy - which is the most important thing. "Life is all about change." Sir Elton said he would be "creative up til the day I die" and that his farewell tour would be "a wonderful way to thank people".

His two sons - who will be eight and 10 when the tour ends - will join him for parts of the tour, being taught by a tutor.

​78 of the gigs have already been announced and tickets for some go on sale as early as 2nd February. U.K dates have not been announced yet though Dublin is planned for 12th June 2019 with tickets on sale 9th February​

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