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Meeting a teen crush #vondashepard

Its not often you get the chance to meet someone you watched and adored on TV in your teens. I think most people that are now in their 30's would remember Ally McBeal. I for one was a massive fan of the show, but also of its music and got the opportunity this weekend to meet the amazingly talented Vonda Shepard who I found to be very unassuming, humble and appreciative of her position.

Playing an intimate sell out gig with her piano and 3 piece band in the Belfast Waterfront Studio she had the crowd clapping and singing along from start to finish. Playing her easily recognisable hits from Ally McBeal and beyond, right up to her current record Rookie.

The show featured fan favourites like "searching my soul," "Maryland" and for the encore she belted out "tell him" tambourine in hand and invited the audience to get up and dance with her.

Vonda gave the show every bit of her heart and soul, with her raspy vocals and ad-libs it was like sitting in the bar on set of Ally McBeal all that was missing was Ally, Richard Fish, Ling and the rest of the cast.........Vonda please "don't break our hearts slow" by waiting another 10 years to come back to Belfast!

Vonda's tour finishes this week, see the site below to book tickets

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