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That cheeky chappy Andy West is confirmed to co-host this year's GNI MAG AWARDS in Belfast City Centre. Andy will take to the stage with Belfast's own Trudy Scrumptious to hand out the honours and awards.

The gala evening of pride and recognition will take place on the 27th October at a red carpet event in the Clayton Hotel. Already voting numbers have exceeded 30,000, with the winners being chosen based purely on public voting here on our website.

Andy rose to fame here in Northern Ireland working with the BBC, you'd have seen him reporting on Newsline among other things. Andy was suspended from the BBC over his public opinions on last year's "Tyson Fury debacle". After leaving the Beeb you'll have seen him as one of this year's most loved Big Brother contestants, during which his then boyfriend proposed to him. Since this Andy seems to be becoming somewhat of a national treasure - the boy you want to bring home to your mammy. On top of all this he's now a hilarious showbiz columnist for Entertainment Daily and is about to announce some very exciting TV news!

The stunning Trudy Scrumptious will be Andy's glamorous assistant at this year's GNI MAG AWARDS. Over the years Trudy has established herself as one of the top drag acts in the country. One of our rare Queens with a stunning live singing voice as well as an amazing look which is finished off by outfits sewn by her own fine hand!

Tickets can be purchased on a first come first served basis - contact 028 9065 4314 or

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