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The NI parties discussed the gay blood ban

The BBC NI Debate which is currently unfolding on BBC 1 seen the party leaders discuss the gay blood ban. When questions where given from the audience one member asked, 'Why can I, as a gay man, still not give blood?'

Arlene Foster, who was initially given the question refrained from getting passionate and instead referenced the previous health risks and facts that backed the law up, without mentioning any specifically. Later the DUP member also asked the metaphorical question, 'why did the court case go the fashion it did', regarding the initial ban on gay men people giving blood.

Sinn Fein's Martin McGuiness stood for the community by saying,

"For far too long the gay community has been decimated against. People have ridiculed and made fun and its about time every politician stood up for their rights. It's wrong and needs to end."

The SDLP were also for changing the laws, saying there is no health risks. Colum Eastwood said, "If i was in a car accident tonight would I care where that blood came from?"

Mike Nesbitt for the UUP had a frosty response however, saying 'if the blood was screened I'd take yours and you'd take mine.'

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