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Sinn Fein promise same-sex marriage is their top priority

The Sinn Fein party have said their first act in the next assembly will be to propose legislation to finally bring same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland.

The party has previously been extremely vocal of their backing for the LGBT community, fighting for equality laws, pushing for newer legislation and walking/supporting the annual pride parades. Now they have promised bringing Northern Ireland into the present is top on their list in the next assembly.

Martin McGuinness has hit out and said he does not want to be part of a country deemed to be 'backward'.

"I do believe the marriage equality debate is one that is going to continue, we don't want to be part of a backward region, we want to be part of region that is known to stand up for the rights of people who feel that they are being discriminated against.

"We are absolutely fearless in pursing equality for people who believe they are entitled to their rights."

Marriage equality has been continuously shot down, primarily from the DUP and Unionist parties and most recently the DUP used the petition of concern to fight same-sex marriage, making it fail where it would've otherwise succeeded.

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