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Brand new music from Rihanna/Calvin Harris and Kesha/Zedd

Beyonce dropped, probably, the biggest album of 2016 and just days later Rihanna and Kesha are coming back with a vengeance to steal some of that spotlight back.

With Rihanna releasing her highly anticipated 'Anti' album just last month and Kesha fighting a sex abuse trial the world has been watching, the two certainly have not stayed out of our minds.

Rihanna rocked the Billboard charts, storming to the number one position and filling several others with her Anti album including hit songs such as Work and slaying the stage with Drake at the Brit Awards.

Kesha has been fighting her alleged sex abuse battle with her producer Dr Luke and sadly failed, but reappeared for a surprise performance at Coachella just last week.

The pair are wanting more as Rihanna has teamed up with dance producer Calvin Harris, who previously helped her create the iconic 'We Found Love' track, one of Rihanna's biggest anthems. People are speculating their new collaboration ' This Is What You Came For' will be another dance track.

Kesha on the other hand is teaming up with Zedd, the creator of massive hits such as Clarity and Break Free. Their new track 'True Colours' will be a modern dance take on the classic hit. 2016 is certainly a year for music and both of these new tracks drop tomorrow, with #4/29 trending on Twitter. Stay tuned for hopefully massive hits!

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