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Katie Hopkins is apparently bisexual... or at least curious

The controversial personality has said she'd be more than willing to sleep with a woman, when discussing her sexuality.

The trouble maker has recently said that she is open to having a relationship with a woman but has never had the offer.

In an interview with Angela Scanlon for her Close Encounters series on the BBC, the writer opened up about her sexuality and said she never had the chance to experiment.

“I would definitely swing both ways given the freedom to do that. I’ve never been offered.”

"I always think everybody is gay – so am I,” she said. I am not a little bit gay, I am extremely interested in the fact of what I missed out on. But it is too late now.”

Katie also spoke about how she gives off more of a masculine vibe and prefers the company of men to women.

I think I prefer working round blokes because they are much more simple to understand than women,” she said. “Women exhaust me.”

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