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Vague 'Imagine London Without Gays...' posters appear all over the city

All over London the posters are appearing but nobody seems to know why or what they're referencing.

The cryptic posters appeared all over London overnight, causing somewhat of a mass confusion. People took to Twitter. Without any trace of the culprit who placed the posters around London, people had to speculate. Tweets included:

'Does anyone know what this ad is for in Waterloo? 'Imagine London Without Gays...'#ImagineLondonWithoutGays'

'What is this? It's not branded. "Imagine London without gays"#gay #london #advert ? Is it an advert?'

'This ad is facing our office - it shows an empty London saying "imagine London without gays..." Can anyone explain?!'

Rob Bullock, the project manager of the LGBT group, Stonewall was also confronted with the signs outside of his office. He managed to get some feedback after scouring Twitter and apparently the posters are a part of an elaborate advertising stunt.

They are supposedly to advertise Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2016. Their offical Twitter account tweeted the Stonewall employee saying,

'@itinerantgeoff Hi Geoff, it's part of a campaign for the Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2016. Please DM us if you need more info! Thanks'

Not the greatest marketing strategy but at least it worked.

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