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New study proves no differences in family relations of same-sex vs straight parents

The study found no differences in the children of same-sex parents and straight parents, based on topics such as health, well-being and happiness.

95 same-sex couples and 95 hetro couples took part in a test to determine if there really was a different in the family's relationships. There isn't.

Carried out by researchers affiliated with the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, The University of Amsterdam and Columbia University found on a huge range of cases such as emotional difficulties, happiness, behavior, learning and skills that there were no differences.

“This study is the first to use a nationally representative survey to compare the two types of households by focusing only on those with parents that have been in a continuous relationship,”

“Future investigations might explore whether the cultural spotlight on child outcomes in same-sex parent families is associated with increased parenting stress,” said psychiatrist and co-author Nanette Gartrell.

“Some of our earlier studies have shown that lesbian mothers feel pressured to justify the quality of their parenting because of their sexual orientation.”

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