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Ruby Rose is so over people saying 'You turned me gay'

The Orange Is The New Black star has had it up to here with people saying she turned them gay.

Rising to fame in the previous season of Orange Is The New Black, Ruby Rose has gathered a lot of attention from everyone on the sexual preference list, but it's starting to annoy the star when straight women say 'You turned me gay.'

In an interview with Galore Magazine, the DJ/Actress had this to say.

“When people say to me that I turned them gay, I just laugh, because that’s not really even a possibility.

“It sounds like I did something against their will in the middle of the night, as if I crept into their brain and pushed the gay button, then did an evil laugh and left them to fend for themselves—newly gay and alone in the world.

“I break it down like this: Did I find Channing Tatum in Magic Mike to be extremely hot? Yes! Could I now turn straight for him without having previously ever had a desire to be with a man? The answer is, nope.

“But people will say to J. Law, ‘I want to be your best friend’, or to T. Swift, ‘I want to be in your squad’.

“Everyone has got their little thing, and the catch phrase I got after Orange was ‘She turned me gay’.”

She added: “What makes me laugh is that I’m actually single and not looking at all. I’m just focused on my career.

“But it was very funny how many people would text photos, or slide right into my DMs for months after Orange launched.

“I would say, ‘That’s cute, but I’m pretty sure you’re straight’. And they’d say, ‘I am, but now I have a crush on you’.

“And I would respond, ‘I’m pretty sure I met your boyfriend at the première’.

“But then, if I actually reached out to them to get a coffee as a friend to hang, they wouldn’t ever make plans. I could literally feel them sort of wondering if ‘coffee’ meant something different in the lesbian world.”

She concluded: “I just think that, as human beings, we are drawn to what we can’t have.

“We are drawn to fantasy over reality, and often are in love with an idea of a situation rather than the reality of it. I think people like the idea of “turning gay for someone,” but it’s not actually that simple. Ultimately, that statement is just a form of endearment or a compliment, but it’s not real.

You can watch her discussing gender expectations and OITNB below.

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