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Happy St. Paddy's Day - Meet Dubliner Matty Kelly (you're welcome)

So in the spirit of St. Paddy's day and all things Irish, we got to searching for hot single irish guys - and this is who we found. Matty Kelly is a Personal Trainer who's born and raised in Dublin. We are at a loss as to why this tasty Irish lad has been single for ten years. His favourite movie is The Lost Boys and when it comes to music he can be found lip syncing for his life to Macklemore. He doesn't drink or smoke and is at the gym five or six times a week. He tells us his random fact is that a certain part of his body smells of strawberrys, and an ideal date involves budweiser, poppers and optional bedding !!

You can follow Matty on instagram by following @KELLY_MATTY

Happy St. Paddy's Day guys, here's some more pix of Matty...

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