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Chris Rock's hilarious monologue on race at the Oscars

In his usual forward stylings, Chris Rock hosted the 88th Academy Awards last night in which he covered a range of topics from boycotting the show, race, and how Will Smith was overpayed.

Chris also pokes fun at the boycott that happened before the Oscars due to its all white nominees:

"If you had to vote for a host i would'nt be here! It'd be Neil Patrick Harris hosting."

The host also hits home with a slap from reality by asking why this award show was the first to be boycotted. He brought up the struggles the black community faced in history and said how the Oscars probably didn't have any black nominees for years between the 50's and 60's, saying they had real issues to be protesting.

Humerously, Chris Rock manages to make very good points during his monologue whilst killing the audience laughing, all of which you can watch below.

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