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It's the day we've all been waiting for: National Cabbage Day

Every February 17th brings us the thrilling National Cabbage Day, where all over the world people come together and celebrate a truly amazing addition to our society, the cabbage.

Although cabbage day is daily for some fanatics, we appreciate that it has it’s own independent date in the calendar so we can all realise and be thankful for cabbages. Big, small, dark light, red, green, we have no preference. All cabbages should be looked at with the same love and affection you would give a family member or friend.

To celebrate National Cabbage Day, we’ve compacted a list of the 5 best looking cabbages you need to see this year. Happy cabbage day!

1. Bright and bold

2. Showing diversity in cabbages

3. The outgoing cabbage

4. Dark and mysterious

5. *Gore warning* Cut apart

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