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Help fight against the DUP

The DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) has been continuously abusing the Petition of Concern, a mechanism put in place in the 90’s to ensure minorities the same rights as the majority, for their own selfish beliefs. A petition has been created on to prevent the DUP from using said mechanism following their abuse of power.

The Petition of Concern has been forwarded five times now in Stormont in regards to same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, the only country in the UK and Western Europe to not have it legalised, and each time the Unionist Party used the petition before a vote would even be carried out, meaning regardless of the majority voting in favour, the conclusion will already be settled.

Previously, we saw the majority vote ‘No’ on the subject but the most recent had over 50% say ‘Yes’ and want same-sex marriage to be a part of the country. The DUP have publically stated they do not want this and settle the fate before anyone has a chance to even speak positively about the matter. Polls and surveys carried out show within the general public show that nearly ¾ are also in favour of same sex-marriage, with younger generations leading the positive vote for inclusion.

The DUP have had a long history of refusing to support the LGBT community, from the previous First Minister’s wife, Iris Robinson, saying, “gays are viler than child abusers” and multiple members wanting homosexuality to be criminalized, the petition to stop the DUP from using the Petition of Concern is of utmost importance.

You can sign the petition below and help make a change to Northern Ireland

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