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Hilary Clinton Promises LGBT Issues Are Her Top Priority

With the presidential elections closing in and the leading Democratic Candidate opposition, Bernie Sanders, as her main competitor, Hilary promises LGBT rights is on the top of her list.

After being quizzed by a New Hampsire student on LGBT issues, even though promising change and it being the top of her priorities, Hilary still failed to secure votes, losing to Sanders by an over 20% difference.

Hilary, being amongst the high school students, delivered a speech on equality after being asked, “The people in the LGBT community want economic justice, trans justice, we are facing employment discrimination and lack of health insurance. How will you change that?” Hilary confidently replied,

“You absolutely deserve justice and deserve equality under the law. That’s why I support the Equality Act, which is the means to outlaw discrimination. It was one of the reasons the Human Rights Campaign endorsed me as I’ve been with them on the frontlines trying to get justice for the LGBT community.”

“We have to do much more to support any person in the LGBT community who feels alone and left out, particularly young people.”

“There are a lot of kids who are bullied, a lot of kids who are driven to take their own lives and we need a lot more support for them. We have a lot of work to do here at home and my advocacy for the Equality Act is going to put it at the top of my priority list as President."

Mrs. Clinton wasn’t always driven to help gay rights, as she’s been recently scrutinised online and by her competitors for her less than appealing track record of being against same sex marriage and support her husband, Bill Clinton, in helping Republican parties push an anti-gay agenda.

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