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Before starting at Hybrid Fitness Stephen Clarke weighed 19 stone

Getting off the sofa was the hardest part. At my heaviest I weighed around 19 stone and with a new-born son on the way, I decided that enough was enough. I’d had my fill of crappy food. I’d had my fill of going episode after episode of whatever series I was binging on instead of doing something about my size.

Although I had known the guys at Hybrid Fitness for years, I’d never set foot in a gym before. I knew that by joining their gym I’d be avoiding many of the traps and pitfalls that you find in the fitness industry. And I knew I would be taught how to work effectively to get the results I wanted.

Because I was a gym newbie, and being the size I was, I was afraid of feeling intimidated and being made to feel that I didn’t belong. But not once did I feel that way. The people who train at Hybrid Fitness are there to better themselves, not to take the piss. They are always encouraging each other to do great things. It’s this feeling of community that has kept me training with them ever since I started in February 2014.

Before I started, climbing stairs without breaking a sweat was pretty much impossible. Now I do three flights while holding a 28kg kettlebell in each hand for the fun of it! Lenny and PJ have helped me turn my life around. Their knowledge on training and nutrition has helped me continue to make better decisions for my health, helped me to become stronger, and helped me to shape my physique in the way I want.

Believe me when I say there is no quick fix to achieving your goals. Ultimately......

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