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WE REVIEW The Mousetrap. the world’s longest-running play! AT THE GOH

Agatha Christie - YES | Crime fiction - YES | Snow - YES | Fabulous old Guest House -YES

All of the above I love & so the experience began, an experience I've wanted to have ever since I heard about The Mousetrap, many years ago, & here it is in it's 70th year.

The Production Team did an amazing job, transporting us back to 1952 immediately the curtain went up. The wooden panels in the drawing room (the whole play is set in this one room, but you feel you travel the house with the cast) the blizzard outside is kept at bay by the plush red velvet curtains, the comfy sofa, the period music on the wireless & the roaring open fire, we were there, cosy & safe, but were we?

Mollie & Giles Ralston, played by Neerja Naik & Barnaby Jago, have just inherited Monkswell Manor set in the countryside, & are excited to welcome their first guests, Christopher Wren played by Shaun McCourt, Mrs Boyle played by Gwyneth Strong (she of Only Fools & Horses) Major Metcalf played by Todd Carty (Mark Fowler in Eastenders) Miss Casewell played by Amy Spinks & the flamboyant Mr Paravicini, played by Steven Elliot who is also Resident Director.

In true Christie style each character is deliciously formed & thrown together in an unlikely situation, made even stranger by a telephone call from the local Police, a murder has been committed elsewhere, a Sergeant Trotter played by Michael Ayiotis is on his way.....& so the mystery begins.

There are no spoilers here, however I can tell you that you will be amazed at how each little nuance draws you in & confuses you at the same time, each character comes under suspicion in turn & the whole production is a delight, very fresh, yet keeps all of what is Christie gloriously intact.

It was worth the wait & I urge any other Christie fans to go & experience it. Here's to the next 70 years !

The show runs in Belfast's Grand Opera House until Saturday 2nd March 2024, get your tickets via this link - The Mousetrap | Grand Opera House (

Review by - Susanna Todd Nesbitt


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