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“Ogres are like onions.” this one leaves Stranmillis tomorrow - don’t miss Shrek by BPSA 🧌🫏👸

Last night I grabbed my 15 year old son and took him out for a daddy date. After food we headed to watch the BSPA production of Shrek the musical jr in the Stranmillis Theatre. You’re all, I’m sure familiar with the movie Shrek, and the musical follows the same story – but all bright and beautifully live action right in front of you.

This Junior Summer Youth project is based on the Broadway musical. It has songs that you’ll laugh to, and others that’ll warm even the coldest heart. The young cast are amazing and are truly putting their hearts and souls into it.

We follow Shrek as the fairytale misfits take up roots on his swamp. To get it back he must save Princess Fiona from her tower and deliver her to the unscrupulous Lord Farquaad. On his travels, he meets with the ever-chatty Donkey (hilariously portrayed). They fight the dragon and release The Princess.

All this is done with amazing, enthusiastic choreography and beautiful song. The production is simple but effective, and the costumes really bring this show to life. The sound and lighting is en-point and helps bring a real vibrancy to this show.

This show is a real piece of escapism, a couple of hours out of your day where you can just sit and watch something fun and entertaining. Definitely worth going to see.

The show finishes tomorrow and very few tickets remain - you can purchase via

Image from Khali and Me Photography

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