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'House of Jojo' is the title of the 3rd U.K tour from Strictly favourite Johannes Radebe, having had the pleasure of watching last year's tour and interviewing Johannes I new I was for an Epic fun filled evening!

A show such as this is a spectacle, a treat to the eye's, ear's & senses, so much talent is on display offering a myriad of dance styles , mesorising vocals and the most OTT and outlandish costumes - it was bloody fabulous, Johannes had audiences in the palm of his hand, he is truly loved my so many.

We asked Johannes without giving too much away what is the concept for this tour ?

During the past two years of touring, in my head I was building a home – a house where people could come and know they are welcome, wherever they are in the world because I think it’s so important to create safe spaces in today’s world. The first two shows focused around my South African Roots, whereas this time I wanted to explore my time in the UK and themes of belonging. House of Jojo again I want to tell stories, to empower and inspire but most of all, I want to entertain the people, they need to know that they're coming to a party.

"I'm working with, a very good costume designer by the name of Tom Rogers... along with Ben London and if you've seen the work of these incredible individuals, you will know that I am going to be serving everything and more.

"Everyone was like ‘how many costume changes do you have in the show?’ I myself have lost count but I think the spectacle about it all is the fact that we can do it in such a short time and if they thought that it was too much last year. Well, this year, there's no holding back.”

I also asked Johannes - Show aside will you get some free time to do tourist things while you are here, and also what's your favourite thing about the city ? I love Belfast!   The thing with this tour being one nighters is that it’s pretty full on – we move constantly from place to place and never stop.  So when we land in a place for a day or two, we all just crash and recuperate! My favourite thing about Belfast is without doubt the people – I’ll certainly be visiting the marks for the food and drink.  I also have a book signing at Waterstones on 1st May at 11am!

I really don't want to give much away - get geared up for a party, a dance and get your tickets booked to see House Of Jojo before it departs Belfast tomorrow night

I do want to add how humble Johannes is, always so thankful for his achievements and platform, it is so refreshing

Tickets are extremely limited with only a handful remaining, get over to to snap them up

You can read our full interview with Johannes via clicking below


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