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KAWALA brought their “American Adrenaline” to Belfast!

Last night Kawala brought their magic to the stage at the iconic Limelight Belfast in a gig that left the audience buzzing from start to finish. The night kicked off on the right note with support act Sofy setting a tone, drawing in a crowd of all ages and backgrounds - young, old, female, male and everything in between.

It had been 5 years and a moustache since Kawala last graced Belfast, but they made a triumphant return. Jim, Daniel, Ben, Reeve, and Dan Lee burst onto the stage with high energy, starting with their latest single "Time Slipping Away" and keeping the momentum going with crowd favorites like "Jesse Cmon."

When the lads hit "Animal," the audience became part of the show, belting out the chorus alongside Jim and Daniel. This led seamlessly into "Searching," with the crowd echoing every note, creating an electric atmosphere. The haunting vocals of "Small Death" struck a chord with the crowd before transitioning smoothly to the chilled vibes of "What's Up."

The performance of the official FIFA 2022 song "Ticket to Ride" had everyone stomping and clapping along, and "Mighty River" showcased Jim's unique vocals blending beautifully with Daniel's, reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel.  Jim's charisma and Daniel's stage presence kept the audience captivated throughout, showcasing the strong bond and hard work the band has put into their sound. 

For those wanting more of Kawala's magic, their debut album "Better with You" is available on all the usual streaming platforms, CD, and vinyl. Don't miss out on experiencing the enchanting world of Kawala for yourself, check out their Instagram: Kawalagram and you can read my interview with them in our current issue here:

Review by Gary Campion


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