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Our Marty & Co crack the codes at GOT Escape Room.

GOT To Escape!

Over the weekend I had visitors come visit me from Glasgow, as we are all massive fans I thought we should try the Game of thrones escape room on church lane.

WOW what a class wee set up. If I had one wish it would be that I knew that venue did food. As my pals and I entered we all agreed that the smell of the food smelt delicious, so I would highly recommend that you try the grub out before or after you do the Escape Room.

The guy on the front desk is super friendly and in fact if it wasn’t for him and his subtle clues via a video link we would still be locked in the escape room days later.

Once you enter the room and you’re told the back story it isn’t long before you get into character you begin to race against the clock (60 Minutes) to escape the room. This is no easy task and without giving anything away I myself felt anxious, panic and fear all in the good way mind you and once you solve one clue the adrenalin kick’s in and you’re on to the next puzzle.

You don’t have to be a Game of thrones fan to enjoy this but fans of the show will appreciate the detail and the surroundings of the room. This would be a great place to go to for hens, stag, team building days or just part of a night out, it would also be a great thing to do on a first date if you think outside the box and want to impress your date.

It is well worth the money and cheap as chips if you split the entering fee. Even though they gave us extra time to escape, we all left feeling rather proud off ourselves and we will definitely be interested in trying one of the other escape rooms this cool little joint has to offer.

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