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Queeriosity - The LGBTQ exhibition everyone's talking about

The Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast will host a unique exhibition, ‘Queeriosity’, featuring 24 artists. Showcasing the work of some of the best lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and supporter artists, this thought-provoking exhibition explores unconventional questions about the role of LGBTQ identities and experiences, interpreted through art.

Opening on the 3rd August at 7pm. The exhibition will then continue until the 2nd September. 2017.

‘Queeriosity’ will feature over 50 works by international, national and local artists with a mutual LGBTQ signature. A variety of artforms are being exhibited, including painting, print, photography, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, literature, installation, and video. This exhibition addresses the importance of visibility in the community as well as functioning as an exciting opportunity to view and attend a celebration of all things queer.

The word “queer” has a complex history of derogatory hateful connotations, however the gay liberation movements reclaiming of the word has led to its reinvention as a means of positive self-identification. It is an umbrella term to recognise all sexualities and genders as well as accurately describing sexuality as fluid, which it is for many people. It is a word to reflect the community’s diverse membership and celebrate differences in gender and sexuality, whilst also being part of a larger community.

Artists Linda Smyth and Shauna McCann have joint curated this show because of a common desire to demand change and highlight the long struggle for legal equality. It is also reflection on changing times and lives of LGBTQ people and an important time to record LGBTQ history. Linda has commented that:

“Being an openly gay woman from Belfast myself I know a lot of change is still needed here, we are somewhat behind on our laws and attitudes; yet I know that there is still so much support out there for us as a community. I feel that this exhibition will not only be a wonderful celebration but an important recognition of changes still to come"

The exhibition will be opened by Mary Ellen Campbell, Former Deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast at 7pm on 3rd August and will run through until 2nd September 2017. Gallery hours are 7 days a week 9am– 6:00pm

For additional information please contact Shauna McCann at 07835440862 or visit

Crescent Arts Centre

2-4 University Road, Belfast BT7 1NH

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