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Justin Bieber's top shoots that made us swoon

The biggest male singer of this generation, Justin Bieber, turns 22 today and even though its been a bumpy road regarding opinions of him, we still want to wish him a happy birthday.

At just 22 Justin is currently worth over £200 million and is expected to grow even more in coming years and has already made history this year by being the only artist ever to top the Billboard Top 100 list in the number 1, 2 and 3 spots all at the same time. His tours have grossed over £20 million and his concerts earned a cool £50 million, not including his upcoming tour and recent album. Birthday cake is on him this year.

However, regardless whether we like him personally or his music, you can't deny he's very attractive, going from a cute kid to millions now calling him 'daddy'. So in honour of his birthday we've compiled a short list of the times we found him 'aesthetically pleasing'. Enjoy.

1. Who needs clothes on tour anyways

2. Just hanging out at the Versace palace

3. Dapper and stylish

4. Good boy gone bad

5. *looses ability to breathe*

6. Looking fine in them Calvin Kleins

7. Simple yet effective glance

8. The luckiest girl alive award goes to:

9. Just a standard gym selfie

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